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(This Site is Currently in Beta Mode. It has recently been launched and is currently being developed on a daily basis. We aim to do a post a day and welcome contributors, financial content writers to contribute articles).

As an online banking news hub. Our site offers an online version of a printed periodical. Being online you can view breaking business banking news.

We also offer marketing services and would be happy to discuss your needs. As a marketing service provider, we primarily help clients implement and manage marketing strategies to achieve their business goals.

We have over 30 years of experience in the marketing industry and have a very large network of connections on LinkedIn.

Our social forum platform allows banking professionals to network together to exchange proposed regulations news, insights, and related topics of discussion, as well as getting marketing hints and tips.

This site for all intents and purposes is to help generate traffic not only for ourselves but also for our prospective clients.

The keywords alone in this domain name are an exact match searchable phrase. We emphasize the importance of these keywords to help generate traffic.

We are confident that in time we will be the No 1 most-searched-for website in the banking industry, because of the keywords in the domain names as well as carefully orchestrated SEO strategies and tools used to fully optimize a website.

We also have a place for you to advertise you jobs vacancies.

Our site is new and is currently still under construction but we envisage getting on the first page of Google very soon. We are also open to offers for anyone wishing to acquire the domain names ( & .com) as well as taking over this site or building a completely new one.

Our aim is to list all Banks in the UK Specialising in Business Banking.

Each bank will have a free basic listing as long as they are from the list of approved banking institutes as outlined by the ‘Bank of England’. If a bank wishes to advertise its services on this platform alongside a list of all its branches, our landing pages will create an extension to help build an SEO link wheel for marketing purposes.

We also offer Marketing and PR strategies for Banks in need of lead generation as well as online business consulting. We only attend online meetings.

UK Business Banking Directory is a Portal for Banks in the UK to advertise their services and link back to their branches and headquarters.

Each Bank has the opportunity of having a Landing Page and will be offered our services to be Marketed across a Large Business Network.