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      This Is A Message From The Editor,

      Welcome to the forum.

      Feel free to post articles relating to UK Business Banking.

      If you need help with marketing do contact info@ukbusinessbanking.co.uk

      We have some rules.
      1) No profanities. Do consider all users on this platform.
      2) Do not post links to your own websites trying advertise, promote or sell services, products.
      3) Do not request a review of your own website.
      4). Do not post affiliate links or codes, to promote your services/products.
      5) No buying, selling, or trading.
      6) Please do not conduct business in the forums.
      7) Please be honest, professional, and respectful to other members.
      8) Do not mislead other members.
      9) Do not misrepresent yourself (as a moderator, for example).
      10) No adult images, links to adult sites, or adult content of any kind.
      11) No vulgar or obscene language. Please use English only in so the forums so that we can be sure these rules are followed.
      12) Do not post unpleasant, grotesque, or overly distracting content (e.g., images).

      ** Please note anyone not adhering to our rules will be banned.

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